Monday, October 24, 2005

UFOs in my kitchen

"It's full, honey" I said, holding a bag of thawing chicken wings in one hand, and a wrapped leftover piece of applepie in the other. Both items were supposed to go inside this freezer, but as soon as I opened the door, a small avalanche of rock-hard, unidentifiable food packages had fallen out of the ice box, and now lay at my feet. I say "fallen out" but I might as well have said "bounced out". Staring at the ground, I tried to remember what the content of those wrapped packages was. I couldn't.
Ten months ago we married and with merging two households, had also merged the contents of two refrigerators and two freezers. "What about the one in the garage?" BJ volunteered, while he brought the last bags of groceries from the car into the kitchen. I shook my head. I distinctly remembered pushing down the hinged cover of the freezer, and feeling a sense of relief when I gently tried to lift the top, and couldn't. One of these days, I promised myself, I was going to get around to reorganizing our freezers.
I was raised by a very practical, frugal grandmother and an equally practical and "waste not, want not" mother. Throwing food away, or letting it spoil in the refrigerator, was an absolute no-no, and with the luxury of having a freezer (and a microwave), I had quickly become the ultimate food-saver. Anything that was left over from dinner or cooking was quickly wrapped, packaged, double-wrapped and frozen, for future use. Bulk, or bargain sales of meats, flour, breads and any other food item that would strike my fancy was also frozen. Unfortunately, I would nearly always forget to write on the wrapper what it contained........
Well, it looks like the time for freezer reorganization has come. We have no more space available, and to tell you the truth, my curiosity is peaked by all these UFOs, these Unidentified Frozen Objects. In the next weeks, I will keep you posted on what I find, and how I used it in a recipe. Hopefully you will be encouraged to flush out your freezer too!