Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fish Ragout with Rice

My ex brother-in-law is an avid fisherman, and often he gives me part of his catch. I have no complaints, since he catches, guts and cleans them, and there is absolutely nothing I have to do except put on the frying pan and get busy! Nevertheless, I am not a big fish-eaters, so every now and then a trout or two gets pushed to the bottom of the freezer and doesn't emerge until......well until now, I guess. This morning, I retrieved a ziploc bag (this one is a fancy one, it has purple daisies on it) with a frozen fishbody from the depths of the icebox.

For those of you that just joined me and are wondering why I'm listing the contents of my freezer......the people "in the know" say that once a year one should empty the contents of the freezer and either dispose or use up the items stored. Besides, you save money on groceries since these are already paid for! Since my two freezers were full-full-full, I decided to cook, bake or otherwise prepare the foods I found, and share the recipes with you. And while we're at it, we might as well get rid of some of those cans in the pantry as well. Anything past the due date is tossed, the rest is arranged by date and the ones closest to expiring are used up first! I hope you are encouraged to sort through those Unidentified Frozen Objects in your freezer and join the fun.

Back to the trout. I found a can of clam chowder in the pantry, so out comes the crockpot (brilliant invention!) and in goes the content of the can. Read on the can if it requires you to add water or milk, and if yes, please do.

Fish Ragout with Rice
1 can of clam chowder
1 fish (use pollock filets or other white fish, no salmon)
1 cup of mixed frozen vegetables
1 medium potato
1 cup of rice

Fire up the crockpot on high and add the contents of your clam chowder. When it's warmed up, add a cup of frozen vegetables. I found a bag with frozen celery, mushrooms and yellow corn and used it, but feel free to add any vegetables you like. Peppers usually don't fare well, but hey! to each his own.....

If the fish has bones, zap it for two or three minutes in the microwave, or until the meat easily pulls from the bones. Add the meat (preferably chunks) to the crockpot mix and stir once or twice. Peel a medium potato, dice it and add it to the mix.
Cook a cup of rice on the side. Let the ragout come to a boil in the crockpot, then simmer for 10 minutes, or until the vegetables are cooked and the fish is done. Salt and pepper to taste, and pour over a portion of rice. Enjoy your meal!!

Oh.......if you have any leftover rice, don't throw it away but save it until the next morning. Grab a bowl, put the rice in it, cover with milk, brown sugar and cinnamon, microwave for three minutes and hey presto! Breakfast is served. Yummmy! But not good for the waist, so we'll only do this every now and then, okay?

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